Brachial Plexus Injury

A brachial plexus injury can occur during birth when damage is done to a group of interconnected nerves in the infant’s shoulder, arm, and hand. In is estimated that in the United States, 2 per every 1,000 births results in a brachial plexus injury.

Unfortunately, negligence on the part of physicians, nurses, midwives, or other hospital staff may be to blame for this and other birth injuries in children.

Brachial plexus injuries include:

  • Neuropraxia: The nerves are dangerously stretched and damaged, but not severed. This form of injury may heal completely with time.
  • Neuroma: Brachial plexus nerve fibers are stretched and damaged. Some response in the nerves may be recovered.
  • Nerve rupture: The nerves are torn. This injury is severe and may not heal.
  • Avulsion: The most debilitating type of brachial plexus injury, in which the nerve is actually completely detached from the spinal cord.

Any of these forms of birth injury may be caused by medical negligence, and if so, may be grounds for a successful birth injury lawsuit.

During birth, newborns can sustain brachial plexus injuries when their shoulders become trapped within the birth canal, stuck against the mother’s pubic bone. Larger than average-size babies, breech births, and extensive labor all increase the risk for this kind of injury.

A medical staff’s excessive use of forceps, vacuums, and other tools during delivery can also increase the risk. If doctors or hospital staff ignore or fail to recognize the signs of a potential injury to the infant’s nerves, they may also be liable.

New York brachial plexus injury lawyers

The lawyers at The Sanders Firm fully understand the many emotional and financial burdens faced by families dealing with a serious birth injury such as Erb’s palsy or a brachial plexus injury, which may demand continual medical care and/or surgery.

We can help you win financial compensation for your child’s pain and suffering, loss of earning capacity and enjoyment of life, as well as reimbursement for all past and future medical expenses, including a lifetime’s worth of physical therapy and other forms of rehabilitation.

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