Erb’s Palsy

As a consequence of mistakes made during a child’s delivery, numerous newborns suffer from Erb’s Palsy every year. Such factors as overtaxed midwives, distracted nurses, and negligent doctors can make tragic errors in judgment or treatment that can leave an infant with devastating, irreversible birth injuries that can last a lifetime.

A possible result of poor medical care during delivery is Erb’s Palsy. Also known as brachial plexus injury, Erbs palsy is a serious nerve injury that can result in weakness or loss of movement in an infant’s arm. It occurs when the nexus of nerves surrounding a newborn’s shoulder (the brachial plexus) suffers harm during the birth process.

Erbs Palsy May Be Due To Medical Negligence

Erbs palsy can result from difficult deliveries and may be due to a number of errors on the part of medical personnel, including:

  • Twisting or pulling the infant’s head and neck from side to side as the shoulders pass through the birth canal
  • Increasing pressure on the infant’s elevated arms while performing a breech delivery (feet-first)
  • Injuring the shoulders during a head-first delivery

To lessen the chances of a newborn developing Erb’s palsy when risk factors are detected, medical practitioners may choose to perform a cesarean section in the best interest of the mother’s and the child’s health.

Common risk factors for a potential threat of brachial plexus injury include:

  • Breech presentation
  • Difficulty moving the baby’s shoulders through the birth canal
  • Diabetes in the mother
  • Above-average infant birth weight

In victimized children, Erb’s palsy can cause weakness or immobility in the upper and lower arm, or the hands.

To determine if a child suffers from a brachial plexus injury, doctors will use x-rays to look for shoulder fractures, and the Moro reflex test (“involuntary startle test”) to see if an infant has inadequate reflex function in the injure arm. Most symptoms of Erb’s palsy, including a flopping or “dead” arm, are detectable soon after birth.

Some children with Erb’s Palsy fully recover within six to eight months with minimal medical intervention. Some, however, may suffer permanent disabilities. If physical therapy sessions are unable to develop a child’s arm strength after six months, physicians may consider tendon transfers or neuro-surgery to fix the problem.

New York birth injury attorneys

For the families of children suffering from, or still recovering from, Erb’s palsy or brachial plexus injury, medical expenses can be daunting, while the unnecessary pain and suffering of a child is always a tragedy.

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