Lack of Medical Action Prompts Lawsuit and $250,000 Verdict

Whitney Taylor | January 5th, 2017

The widow of a man who died at UMass Memorial Medical Center has been awarded $250,000 by a jury that determined medical malpractice led to the man’s death. Hospital staff failed to transfer the admitted patient to the critical care unit in a timely fashion, which led to his death many hours later. His widow alleges that if he had… Read more »

Max Award Given to Woman after Unnecessary Hysterectomy

Whitney Taylor | December 8th, 2016

A 24-year-old woman who underwent a hysterectomy after delivering her first child was awarded the maximum amount by a judge last month. The judge determined the physician treating the plaintiff for bleeding after pregnancy did not follow appropriate standard of care when removing the uterus, rendering her unable to have any more biological children. Sara M. Lambert Smith, with her… Read more »

Maryland Medical System Hit with $10M Malpractice Verdict

Staff Writer | November 14th, 2016

A Baltimore jury handed down a $10 million verdict against University of Maryland Medical System last month, in wrongful death claim involving drug administration errors.  Dennis Allen went to the hospital in 2013 for kidney problems. The treatment he received for a related condition caused blood in his stool, which resulted in the removal of his colon and then his… Read more »

Widow Settles HI Medical Malpractice Claim for $4.2M

Dawn Snyder | September 22nd, 2016

A Hawaii widow recently reached a $4.2 million settlement with the federal government over her husband’s 2013 death. The man went into a clinic emergency room for a sore throat but did not come back out. Antonio Marrero was 32 on the night of January 29 when he went into the emergency room at Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center. The doctor… Read more »

$4.25 Million Settlement Reached After Twin Babies Die

Jacky Gale | September 9th, 2016

In 2009, a woman from Archbald, Pennsylvania was eagerly awaiting the arrival of her twin girls. But at 33.4 weeks gestation, the girls were stillborn. The mother had suffered a seizure, which led to the detachment of the placenta from her womb and consequently, the death of the twin fetuses on March 2, 2009. In 2011, the bereaved mother filed… Read more »