Cerebral Palsy Lawsuit

When a newborn does not get enough oxygen during the birth process, he or she may develop brain damage and/or cerebral palsy. Unfortunately, many preventable errors may be to blame for a newborn’s cerebral palsy. Acts of negligence on the part of healthcare personnel in the delivery room may include a delayed reaction to signs of fetal distress, failure to perform a timely Cesarean section (C-section), or misuse of forceps or vacuum devices during the birthing process.

The leading New York medical malpractice attorneys at The Sanders Firm understand how a diagnosis of cerebral palsy can burden families with a lifetime of emotional and financial challenges. We have decades of experience advising New Yorkers who have been victimized by medical malpractice of their legal rights, and going to court to fight for their rightful compensation.

Symptoms of cerebral palsy in a newborn include:

  • Involuntary muscle movements
  • Muscle weakness or stiffness
  • Seizures
  • Learning disabilities

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Cerebral palsy lawsuit awards

A successful birth injury lawsuit can help the children and families recover funds they need and deserve to care for their loved one and to receive compensation for their pain and suffering.

A Florida hospital was recently mandated by state officials to pay out $15 million to the family of a boy who suffered a cerebral palsy as a result of an avoidable birth injury.

In another cerebral palsy lawsuit, a Connecticut jury awarded $58 million to the family of a boy who tragically developed cerebral palsy because of the negligent actions of medical practitioners in the delivery room. The doctor in this case failed to monitor the birth with a sufficient staff, and failed to perform a cesarean section delivery in a timely fashion.

Cerebral palsy attorneys New York

The dedicated medical malpractice lawyers at The Sanders Firm have decades of experience defending the rights of children who have suffered cerebral palsy because of a doctor’s negligence. We work with a team of medical professionals who understand the protocols and standards of care that doctors and other hospital staff must follow, and who can determine from the evidence if there was a deviation from these protocols during times of duress during delivery.

When our birth injury attorneys evaluate your case, we closely examine all of the circumstances surrounding the delivery of your child, including the delivery room team’s response to signs of fetal distress, umbilical cord problems, and shoulder dystocia, in order to determine whether you are eligible for compensation.

File a cerebral palsy lawsuit in New York

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