Misdiagnosis of Heart Attack and Stroke

Medical Malpractice - new5A report in the New England Journal of Medicine estimates that 2 percent of all cardiac events aren’t accurately diagnosed. Getting a misdiagnosis of a heart attack or stroke can have life-threatening consequences for you or a loved one. When doctors aren’t able to identify and properly treat the medical condition in a timely manner, their conduct may be considered negligent. Instead of providing a patient with the treatment needed to get better, a misdiagnosis by medical professionals can cause the patient’s health to deteriorate rapidly.

The Sanders Firm has dedicated more than 45 years to helping victims get the restitution they deserve after suffering from injuries and wrongful death due to the negligent actions of medical professionals. Health care practitioners have a duty to fulfill an acceptable standard of care to patients. Unfortunately, there are instances when that duty is breached and doctors should be held accountable. If you have sustained injuries caused by substandard medical care, misdiagnosis lawyers in New York can determine if you are eligible for compensation.

Failure to diagnose a heart attack

Heart attacks, strokes, and other forms of cardiovascular disease account for one in three deaths in this country, according to the American Heart Association. When a section of the person’s heart is blocked and isn’t getting the blood it needs to function properly, a heart attack will ensue. Common symptoms of a heart attack include chest pain, nausea, irregular heartbeats and shortness of breath. Even though health care professionals are trained to identify which symptoms are associated with specific conditions, there are instances when they don’t properly diagnose patients and fail to provide necessary treatment.

Sometimes health care providers misdiagnose heart attacks as anxiety attacks, pneumonia, or heartburn. If the treating physician suspects a heart attack has occurred, certain tests such as chest x-rays, ECG, blood tests, CT scans, and stress tests are taken to assess the patient’s condition. When physicians misinterpret these results, don’t administer the appropriate tests, or don’t take the action needed to treat the patient, these types of medical errors can be fatal or lead to serious injuries. The patients may become disabled, require surgery, live a diminished quality of life and need to receive ongoing medical treatment for years.

Delayed diagnosis of stroke

A stroke occurs when a blood clot interrupts the blood flow to an area of the brain. When the brain doesn’t receive the oxygen-rich blood it needs, brain cells start to die. Physical abilities controlled by that part of the brain may become severely impaired. Symptoms of a stroke include dizziness, headache, weakened muscles, and difficulty hearing, seeing or communicating with others. When a patient exhibits symptoms of a stroke, the physician may administer a CT scan or MRI of the brain and perform a thorough physical examination.

If the condition is not accurately assessed in a timely manner, certain types of medications and treatments will no longer be effective in mitigating the effects of the stroke. A delayed diagnosis of stroke can lead to death or cause permanent brain damage. Failure to properly diagnose and treat a stroke can cause a patient to have speech problems, difficulties with motor skills, and other disabilities.

Medical malpractice lawsuits in New York

The Sanders Firm possesses the legal knowledge needed to protect your rights and get the compensation needed in order to alleviate the financial burden placed on your family.  Our misdiagnosis laywers work closely with medical experts to perform an exhaustive review of each patient’s case. We determine if the medical staff fulfilled their duty of conducting the appropriate evaluations, tests, and providing the necessary treatments based on the circumstances. We also analyze the full extent of the injuries and damages sustained by our clients. Our in-depth understanding of the laws and legal procedures are utilized to help our clients recover fair compensation for damages such as medical expenses, loss of income, loss of future earning capacity, pain and suffering and other costs.

If you or a loved one has been harmed by the delayed diagnosis of stroke or heart attack, contact The Sanders Firm. Our experienced litigators will explain your legal options. We have offices conveniently located in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Queens and Long Island. Call us today toll-free at 1.800 FAIR PLAY (800.324.7752) to schedule a free consultation with a misdiagnosis lawyer in New York.